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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Magical Makeovers In Progress and Trivia Answer

First things first...  The answer to the Trivia on Tuesday question is (drum roll, please) - the pencil with eraser.  Please remember that this is called "trivia" not nuclear science.  I hope you all had the answer correct.

Next is an update on the furniture makeovers CH and I have in progress.  We don't do one thing at a time.  All pieces get stripped, sanded or whatever and then primed if need be.  Then we look at the pieces for awhile trying to decide how they will be finished.  Sometimes the decision making takes the most time.  It may sound silly but a piece usually tells one or both of us what to do.  We wait for it to come to us because we have been hasty in the past and regretted it.

Take a look.....

These pieces were purchased at a yard sale.

Here they are as works in progress.

Actually, we found the dresser for $10 at another yard sale.  The brown table holding the tiered table we found for $3.
Right you are!  We spare no expense!!

This is the brown table from above after stripping and sanding.  The pic above shows the stain on the base.  We haven't decided how to finish the top.

This is the small bench with beige top from the yard sale pic after sanding.
This is the same small bench after paint and distressing.

This is a diningroom set we received from freecycle.  On the right hand front corner of the table is a big brown cut out area.  That is a dug out burn.  We have decided to cut the table down on both ends because that part is not salvageable.
The chairs are on top after sanding and priming.  Below is another pic of the chairs.
So these are our projects to be completed.  Be sure that the finished projects will be posted here!
Keep it simple, folks.

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