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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trivia on Tuesday and Did You Know...?

It is Tuesday so it is time for TRIVIA!!

What did Hyman Lipman do in 1858 that made life easier for students?

Come back tomorrow for the answer!!

Because there are just so many things in the world that we do not know, I thought we should get to know some basically irrelevant facts about everyday things.  Today's topic is Underwear.  I'll bet you have been wanting to know some of the history of underwear all of your life.  So, let's get started!

Did you know....?

Loincloths are typically considered to be the earliest form of underwear. Ancient cultures from around the world—from the Incas, to the Roman, to the Chinese—all wore similar loincloths. In India, men still wear large cotton loincloths called dhotis. Mahatma Gandhi was often photographed wearing simple white dhoti as he worked for an independent India.c

King Tut is the nickname for Tutankhamen, an Egyptian leader who ruled from age 9 to 18. He was buried with 145 underpants.d

Some early American settlers had themselves sewn into  their underwear for the winter. They did this because it was easier than having to button a lot of buttons. But it also meant that they didn’t bathe until spring.c

In the 19th century, women typically wore heavy petticoats to keep the cold breezes from blowing up their skirts because they usually didn’t wear any underwear underneath. Until the mid-1800s, it was considered improper for a woman to wear anything in between her legs. This is why women rode sidesaddle and why pants were considered a male-only garment.c

This and more info on underwear can be found at  Random History

Think of the conversation around the Thanksgiving dinner table when you drop these choice bits of info!  Ha!

As always, keep it simple, folks...

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