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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yard Sale Finds and Makeover Progress

My pal, Kathy, and I went yard saleing Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful morning and all was well.  A local over 55 development had their annual yard sale event.  Almost every street had at least three or four houses with sales.  The traffic was ridiculous because people insisted on parking anywhere they damn well pleased, making it impossible for cars, and even golf carts, to go easily down the street with vehicles parked on both sides of the street.  Frustrating.....

Anyway, I picked up three small furniture pieces that we can refurbish for resale.  Take a look.

This is a wooden box on a metal stand.  It is used as a small side table - perhaps to hold remotes, etc.
I just discovered that the two other pictures did not download properly.  One piece is a 3 ft. tall framed mirror and the other is a small, rustic bookcase.  You will have to use your imagination.  Sorry.  Total cost was $26.
Now for the refurbishing updates.
This is an old typesetter tray.  CH is going to mount it on an old sewing machine base and cover it with glass.  A buyer can put all types of little collectibles in the squares.
This pic is of the tops of two matching end tables.  They have been stripped and sanded.  The legs on top are a before and after the stripping/sanding.  We will probably do a gel stain on this and finish in lacquer.
This pic is of the top of the matching coffee table (turned upside down).  It, too, has been stripped and sanded and will be finished as are the end tables.
CH and I got together tonight to discuss all the pieces we have to refurbish and to set a deadline.  We can't make any money if they all sit in the carport.  We also discussed where we are going to try to sell everything.  We have not come to a decision.
Kathy, Linda and I are going blueberry picking tomorrow morning.  It shouldn't be too warm - a comfortable cool.
Have a great Sunday!
Meanwhile ....  keep it simple and make it real.


  1. Wow great finds!! Wish we had yard sales in England. Not even any car boot sales on yet I will have to wait until the weather warms up. x

  2. have to tried to sell on craigslist? it's free and local

    1. Yes, we have sold on Craigslist. Sometimes it takes awhile though. Our best spots are consignment and resale shops. We want to try a couple of new ones to see if they work. We have had a couple of bad experiences and don't want to repeat. Hey, how can I do a feature on your pallet frame?