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Monday, February 11, 2013

Reuse Plastic Coffee Cans

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I don't often buy these large cans of coffee but when I do I must put it to some other use because it would be a shame to waste a sturdy, airtight container.  So, here are some suggestion for the reuse of the cans.
    as a perfect sized container for homemade baby and cleaning wipes

    for storing leftovers in the fridge and freezer

    for storing everything from paint to homemade cleaning products

    as canisters

    as mixing bowls
    as serving containers

    as storage for Legos or small cars

    as storage for crayons and pencils and chalk

    as storage for compost until it goes outside
These can be painted or wrapped with paper if you don't like brand names around your house. 

BEFORE USING: fill empty can with cold water and 1/4 cup vinegar and let sit overnight to remove coffee smell.

I hope you will get some use from the above.
Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


  1. That would make a super sealed money tin as per Saving for Travel's blog, You just need to seal the tin. once its cleaned. out with tape after cutting a slot in the top for putting the money though. Bet that would hold a few pennies.

  2. yep, I have 2 that I have been using for years as small compost bins. when full I take them outside in our big compost pile

    1. yep - practical and cheap. that's the way to go.

  3. That pot what I used for my Sealed Pot saving challenge for 2013. is See pic on my blog. I need to spruce it up a little, it looks quite pathetic with those silver snowflakes stuck on with scotch tape. I can't toss an empty coffee container either. :)

  4. I think your sealed pot looks happy. You could change the snowflakes with flowers as they come in season. And you are right about aluminum coffee cans - they cannot be thrown away!!