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Friday, January 25, 2013

What Would You Do?; Painted Furniture; Growing Things

Yes, I am hitting a few topics today because I am itchy to get them out there.

The first is "What Would You Do?"   I am asking out of complete curiosity not because I am second guessing myself.

Here is what happened.  I had a mammogram the other day and a very nice technician saw me into the x-ray room, asked me a few questions (was I pregnant?!?!?) and said, "Step over to the machine and drop the right sleeve of your smock."  No problem.  She came up next to me to start to position my breast and I literally gagged out loud because her breath was so bad!!  I turned my head and tried to breathe through my mouth but it didn't work.  I held my breath until she finished with that breast and walked away.
Now, what would you do?  You tell me and I will tell you what I did.  Okay?

Next is a post from The Magic Brush about the price of refurbished, painted furniture.  This was particulary interesting to me because CH and I do refurbish, refinish and paint furniture for sale.  I am going to paste just a bit of it here and give you the link so you can read the rest.
"Repurposing and repainting is in!!!!!

Every once in awhile (thankfully not often), when I am selling a piece of furniture or working at The Red Apron (where I sell most of my painted items), I will hear someone make the comment that "for that price... I can paint one myself". Most people aren't being hateful.....they are just merely thinking painted furniture sometimes costs more than they think it is worth.

Or sometimes they are being hateful.

Either way it bothers me.

Perhaps there are times when some things do get overpriced.

But for the most part, I think most painted furniture is UNDER PRICED. There.... I said it. I think alot of the prices need RAISED."

Here is the link.

Note:  the bold, uppercase, underlined words are the blog author's - not mine.

Please, furniture painting people, tell me what you think about this.  What is the market like in your area?  How low in price can you go?  Any comments at all.... 

Now - onto growing things.  I have a black thumb but I am going to try these.  Food is food and if I can grow it for free - I am there!
source: instructables
If you go to instructables all of the steps are laid out for you. Take note of some of the comments because they contain good questions with good replies.

source: High Desert Chronicles

 If you go to High Desert Chronicles everything is explained.  This is a very interesting site about modern homesteading.

I love any and all mushrooms so when I saw this "how to grow portabella mushroom" article, I got all excited.  Then I went to the site and read about getting a kit for $50 or sending away for mushroom spores.  No, no, no ...... I am cheap and I want it for nothing.  So, I am not going to do a link.  So there!
Yes, I have gone on quite a bit today but I had to get it out.  I hope you found some use from something.
Meanwhile ... keep it simple and make it real.



  1. Afraid I would have had to tell her to visit her dentist and do something about her bad breath, not one to mince my words. It is not acceptable for someone who is in such close contact with the public to have bad breath.

  2. I may have done the same. Then again, I once went to a chiropractor who had horrible breath and just never went back. I was a lot younger then...

    1. Ms. Silver and Ms. Anonymous - I did tell her because my discomfort was so great that I thought it outweighed her embarassment. Also, telling her was for her own benefit because she would have gone on offending everyone for the rest of the day. She was gracious, thanked me for telling her and went off to remedy the problem. She came back smelling like mint mouthwash.

  3. Hi Jeanne, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think in regards to your repainting that people generally have no idea how much work goes into refinishing. They are used to buying products imported from countries where the labor cost is miniscule that it's hard for them to wrap their heads around paying 'fair wages' for the work you've put in. It's the same with my mum who makes quilts and my father-in-law who makes timber prducts. Cheers, Julie

    1. Julie - glad to have you here. Yes, the labor, thought, and materials are never appreciated. It is too bad that mass-manufactured products take precedence over handcrafted.

  4. Jeanne, I have the same trouble with quilting, people just do not understand the cost of making a quilt. They see the cheap imports from India where they are made in sweat shops with the women, and sometimes children are paid pennies for each quilt.

    When pricing a quilt you have to take into account the cost of the fabric, cutting out and re sewing, batting, backing, quilting and binding. If the quilt is hand quilted it can take up to 3 weeks or more depending on size and the design chosen.

    I would not sell a lap quilt for less than £75; if I actually charged the going rate for time it would be a heck of a lot more.

    1. Ilona, it is a shame that we cannot get paid for what the product is really worth. I am cheap in my spending but I would pay the price if I knew that I was getting a quality product that would last for a long, long time.