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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hide Your Valuable

I have valuables.  They may not be considered valuable to everyone but they are my valuables and I want to keep them safe.

I have hiding places in my house to put my valuables when I am not going to be around.  After reading the list of hiding places below I realize that my stuff will be found in two minutes flat. 

Take a look and use what you may.

Hollowed-out candle


Tissue container

Trash container base

Video or audio cassette shell

Pen Watch case

DVD case

Between magazine pages

Inside a candy box

Ironing board padding

Bag within a bag

Store items in food containers to keep in the fridge, pantry or freezer. This only works well if you regularly have a lot of items and containers for them to go through.

Cut a hole behind a floor baseboard and stash valuables in there. Make sure that the baseboard is back in place perfectly.

Pull off the rubber ends on the ironing board leg and voila! a tube for hiding.

Money envelope hidden behind or tucked up inside wall calendars.

Feminine Napkin or Tampon Boxes (keep them full of product).

Inside rolls of toilet paper, the bottom ones kept stacked in packaging.

A toy box filled with toys.

Fill a sock and put in the dirty clothes hamper.

‘False’ Shampoo or hairspray bottles (just clean and empty a used bottle–not a clear plastic one!)

Spice & herb bottles: empty out and wash well, paint glue all over the inside then fill the bottle with spices again. Dump whatever the glue didn’t hold. You want the spice bottle to look like it’s full of spice. Fill the bottle with valuables in a plastic bag once the glue and spices are completely dried.

Used deodorant stick containers and toothpaste tubes (cut the end, clean well, roll up).

If you’re handy, build a false ceiling, wall or floor in a small room.

In amongst the Christmas decorations.

Buy two cheap, thin identical floor mats, glue together but leave a pocket edge open to tuck money envelopes in. Seal the pocket with double sided tape.

Have a ‘secret’ jewelry box or box of some kind sitting on the dresser or tucked away in a dresser drawer. Put some cash in there and cheap jewelry, maybe even a small key that doesn’t open anything. This is your decoy and will hopefully let the thief think he found the stash he’s looking for. Have it full of ‘junk’ that looks valuable, the more the better.

Also have a few different hiding spots. That way not everything will be stolen if only one or two spots are found.


Places That Aren’t Really Safe To Hide Things

The master bedroom. Everyone stores their valuables in there.

The medicine cabinet. Thieves typically love prescription pills.

Inside and under dresser drawers. Too common.

Underneath mattresses and along bed frames. Again, too common.

Bedroom closets and clothes pockets–one of the first places to ransack.

A locked fire safe or locked briefcase–both can be picked up and left with to be broken into somewhere else. If you have a safe, make sure it’s bolted down tight.

These hiding places are not just good for theft prevention but also for keeping secret gifts, etc. from the prying eyes of the recipient.

Hope you can use these. Oh, an important thing - you have to remember where you hid the stuff - don't write it down anywhere. 

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



  1. Remembering where you hide things is the hard bit!
    Love from Mum