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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Punch Cups - Repurposing

My mother-in-law is moving.  She is scaling down.  She is 85 years old so there is a lot of "scaling down" to do.  She is accomplishing this task one way by giving us boxes and boxes of things. 

She has given us, not one but two, punch bowl sets.  I have not served punch for over 25 years.  Before I donate them to a thrift shop I thought I would try to figure out some other uses for the cups.

Here goes ---

Use as scoops for staples like flour, oats, cornmeal etc.

Fill up with some suet for the birds.

Pin cushions?

Mount them on dowels with epoxy glue and drop in a tea light. Line driveway for holidays or for party lights in the yard.

Sit the cups in a dresser drawer and use as organizers for  jewelry.

Anything else you can suggest?  I am open to anything and everything.  Please put on your thinking/creative caps.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



  1. Small vases?
    Containers for buttons or beads?
    I like the tea light idea.