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Thursday, June 20, 2013

This and That

I have to share my experience wearing a heart monitor with you.  Not to worry, all is fine, but the challenge of being connected to this thing was laughable. 

The nurse pasted the connectors all over my chest and then attached the wires that were connected to the monitor.  The monitor is the size of a large cell phone.  After she made me promise not to get it wet three times she sent me on my way.

The monitor fit in my pocket but when I got in the truck I had to take it out and place it on the console.  Of course, when I got out of the truck I had forgotten about it and it flipped out and hit me in the butt.  For the rest of the afternoon and night I went from pocket to beside me on the chair or table.  Nine times out of ten I forgot I was attached and it continued to drop and hit me somewhere.

Then it was time to go to bed.  Figuring out where to put the monitor so that I wouldn't roll over and pull the stuff off my chest was a challenge.  I woke up two times and found the cord wrapped around my leg and arm. 

This morning I had to get my bra on and that took 10 minutes because I had to get all the wires straight and not held in by the bra.  What a mess!! 

I was so glad to get the leads off and turn over the monitor to the nurse.  I liken this experience to having a newborn that I couldn't put down.  Newborns do not hit one in the butt, however.


There is an inevitability about appliances being dinged or nicked.  Whether it is from moving from one house to another or just moving for cleaning - stuff happens and there appears a nasty mark.  Take a look at the product below that will solve the problem.  This stuff is recommended by appliance repair people and appliance stores.

"Fortunately, you can make those eyesores, even up to 1/4-in. diameter, almost completely vanish with color-matched epoxy touch-up paint.
Use multiple coats for best results.
The trick is to fill the chip with multiple thin coats instead of trying to cover it all at once. Use the porcelain-type version for stovetops and sinks."  (The Family

I always am on the lookout for diy items that are made from recycled materials.  This product is a basket made from nylon bags.  The full picture tutorial can be found here.

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  1. The one time I had to wear a heart monitor- I went to the dr's the next day and they realized they hadn't reset it, so I wore it and worried over it for 24 hours for no results. Bah!

    1. All that bother for nothing????? Crap!!