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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog's Day & My Sister's Birthday

(this is not my sister)
Yes, Groundhog's Day has rolled around again.  Where has the time gone?  Seriously, if the news channels didn't mention it would you know or care?  I think not.  I didn't know what a groundhog looked like until I posted the picture.
More importantly, it is my sister, Elaine's, birthday.  No need to say how old she is, just that she is older than me.  Ha!
Elaine is a great woman who has been married for almost 46 years and raised three sons to become great fathers and guys who are honest, generous and kind. 
Elaine has played the role of big sister very well over the years.  She was good at tricking me when we were young.  I had a dime and she had a nickel.  She convinced me that the nickel was worth more because it was bigger - so we swapped.  She "borrowed" my white tennis sweater without telling me.  I couldn't find it for the longest time but when I did find it, it was rolled in a ball at the back of the closet with a big chocolate ice cream stain on it.  She still denies she did it.  Ha!    She ratted me out to my parents more than once for things  that were highly sacrosanct to me.  One in particular was how I was dancing with Joe White at a high school dance.  God, I heard about that forever. 
But, those childish things aside, she has been my friend, my confidant, my mentor and my co-conspiritor when we had  to manipulate my elderly parents with regard to their care.  We have laughed and cried together over the years.  We made it through my parents' illnesses and deaths together.  We have shared the joys and frustration of being mothers and, according to our husbands, we are always right!
 Happy Birthday, Sis!
Elaine, you are special and unique.  I love you. 
Elaine gave me a tip a couple of weeks ago that I will post in honor of her birthday.  If you have eggs in the fridge and can't remember which ones are hardboiled, do this.  Gently spin the egg on a counter.   If it spins it is hardboiled. 
Have a great weekend and keep it simple and make it real.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your sister. x

  2. She is good people. She can take the ribbing I gave her. I want to let her know how I feel.

  3. Thanks soooooo much. Luv, EMA