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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Plastic Wrap

I hate plastic wrap!!  I rarely get it off the roll and onto something without a wrestling match.  I never win.  The stuff sticks to itself and crinkles up before I get a chance to spread it out.  Today was the last time I will ever use it.  I became so frustrated with the piece I was holding that I crumbled it and threw it away with the rest of the roll.  Good riddance!

So this got me thinking about what is best used to save food - aluminum foil, wax paper, storage bags, plastic wrap or plastic containers?

Aluminum foil is much easier to work with and conforms nicely to whatever shape it is being placed over.  However, once something is wrapped in aluminum foil it is unidentifiable.  Wax paper is not that great because it never stays wrapped around a sandwich that well and it certainly cannot be used to cover a bowl. Storage bags are good because one can get most of the air out before closing, the contents can be identified and they can be stacked easily in the freezer.  You know how I feel about  plastic wrap so there is no need for further discussion on that.  Plastic containers are good because there is a tight seal but they are so cumbersome to store and I can never find the right cover.  Actually, I got rid of all but five plastic containers because they seemed to be multiplying in my cabinets yet losing their covers.

I am going to use storage bags the most.  They can be used on anything from soup to nuts and they are inexpensive at Dollar General.  Enough said.

This post has certainly not solved any of the world's problems but I feel better.  I hope you do, too.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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