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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Windows and repair tips, hints, and tricks

Windows and repair tips, hints, and tricksSome worthwhile things to consider, especially if you are doing Fall housecleaning.

Sticky Windows
Snap the rope or chain and windows will usually loosen up.

Loosening Windowpanes

Dig through old putty with a very hot instrument to loosen a windowpane.

Window Cleaning

Newspaper is much cheaper to use for drying freshly-washed windows than paper toweling.

Drying Windows

Dry the inside panes with up-and-down strokes, and the outside with back-and-forth motions to see which side has smudges.

Window Cleaning Solution

The best mixture for cleaning windows is 1/2 cup of ammonia, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in a bucket of warm water.

Cold Weather Window Cleaning

Add 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol to the above mixture on cold days to prevent ice from forming on your windows.

Clean Window Sills

To remove spots on window sills, rub the surface with rubbing alcohol.

Puttying Windows

Mix some paint into the putty to match the woodwork before puttying windows.

Aluminum Window Frames

Use cream silver polish to clean aluminum window frames.

Nylon Net

Use nylon net to remove dead insects from the outside of windows.

Grease Spots

Any cola drink will remove grease spots from windows.

Window Shades

Try using a soft eraser to remove smudges and spots on window shades.

Torn Window Shades

On small tears in shades, repair with clear nail polish.

Cleaning Screens

A roller brush will remove most dust, dirt and lint from wire screening.

Dirt in the Corner
Wrap a rag or cloth around the end of a pencil eraser to clean in the corners of windows.

Washing Woodwork

Keep walls form becoming dirty and smudged when washing window woodwork by holding a piece of cardboard along the edge of the wood work as you clean.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Wear an old pair of cotton socks on your hands to clean Venetian blinds.

Broom Cover

Use an old shirt sleeve to make a permanent broom cover to dust in high places. Cut the sleeve off at the elbow, stitch the ends together, slip over the broom and button the cuff around the handle.

Venetian Blinds

Another way to deal with faded or soiled Venetian blind tapes is to brighten them with white shoe polish.

Sofa Protector

Cover the bottoms of sofa cushions with vinyl to protect them from children. Turn right side up when company comes.

Protect Dining Chairs

Cover children's chairs in the dining room with clear plastic drapery liners to protect from spills

Simple Kitchen Curtains

Curtains for the kitchen can easily be made by stitching a hem along one end of pretty kitchen or bathroom towels and hanging on kitchen curtain rods.

Crisp Curtains

Add a half a cup of powered milk to the last rinse water when washing nylon, Dacron or fiber glass curtains to crispness.

Numbered Windows

When cleaning, painting or changing windows, number each with a ballpoint pen and put the corresponding number inside the proper window frame.

Venetian Blind Tapes

When the tapes of Venetian blinds wear and fade, use strips of matching or contrasting curtain material to replace them.

Prevent Fading

To prevent fading, each time you wash your curtains, rotate them in windows which receive more or less sunlight than others.


  1. thanks for reminding me my windows need to be cleaned!!!

    1. Gill, I am happy to provide a reminder for you as long as I don't have to do them.