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Monday, September 23, 2013


Last night I plucked my eyebrows. This is no small feat. It involves sitting under very strong light, getting a magnifying mirror and using really fine tweezers.

Without glasses on I cannot see if there are any hairs that need plucking. With glasses on I can see some strays but never have tweezers handy. To be really confident in what I am about to pluck, I need the magnifying mirror.

Ahhh, the magnifying mirror! This object of horror scares me when I look into it and see my eyelids as huge pieces of sagging skin. Every pore looks like a canyon bottom. Every hair looks like a branch of a tree. There are differences in the hairs that are not visible to the regular eye. Some of the hairs are white; some of the hairs are thin; some of the hairs are thick and stand up on their own away from the pack.

Deciding what to pluck is a chore. As I have become older my eyebrows have become more sparce. If I pluck the white ones, my eyebrows can disapear completely. If I pluck the thick ones, a blank spot remains. If I pluck the thin ones, it looks like I have mowed down a whole section of “crop”.

To escape from the chore of plucking I have tried waxing. It is not for me. I don’t trust how much wax is applied and am afraid that I will eliminate my hairline.

For a brief moment I considered “permanent eyebrows”. I believe that it involves electrolysis and tattoos. No way.

Getting older and older is a process that cannot be avoided and actually should be embraced. It is another stage of life that can be rewarding, refreshing and relaxing. I just wish that all the changes involved would work in compatible sequences so that I could see what I have to see, reach what I have to reach and accept the gravitational pulls in graceful doses. I am just saying.

I wish you a great day.

Meanwhile …. Keep it simple and make it real.