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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Centerpiece

Because Fall is my favorite season and because there is no such thing as the Fall I love happening in Florida, I bring a bit of the New England Fall to my house.

I always use colorful leaves and, at Thanksgiving, I add some little Pilgrims and candles.  This year I had a different container to use.  When my mother-in-law (CH's stepmother) moved she gave CH the big wooden bowl that his dad saved for many, many years.  Young CH and his dad would make popcorn, fill this bowl and sit down to watch the Friday night fights.  CH was sooo pleased to see this bowl again.  I could tell that he had all warm, fuzzy feelings.  His dad passed over 10 years ago but CH's memories have never left.  This bowl will be a part of our household for a long, long time.  CH is very pleased to have it being used and displayed.  I hope I did it justice.


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