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Monday, September 9, 2013

Be Prepared - What to Store in Your Car

Because it is approaching winter storm season, I thought it timely to post a checklist of what we should all have stored in our cars. Not that winter is the only time we need to be prepared - prevention is always the best way to go in case of any emergency.

Flashlight - the LED type. They last longer and the size is usually perfect if you need two hands and you need to hold it in your mouth. Also carry a set of spare batteries.

Tire-pressure gauge. We should be checking our tire pressure once a month. Keeping the recommended tire pressure not only is cost effective in gas consumption but also in preventing flat tires.

First Aid kit. a few bandages, gauze, tape, disinfectant, tweezers and ibuprofen are handy for handling minor cuts and scrapes.

Owner’s Manual. This could be a real help when some technical problem arises.

Jack. Be sure you have all the components necessary to change a flat. And an inflated spare tire.

Triangle Warning Reflectors. If you need to stop for any reason it is wise to put up the reflectors. Have at least three and place them in one hundred foot increments from your vehicle.

Multi-tool. Knife, pliers, screwdriver tips and scissors that can cut wire or slice a blown radiator hose.

Jumper Cables. You should not only have the cables but also learn the correct way to use them.

Duct tape. A roll of tape is vital to do a temporary mend of hoses and tail pipe.

Paper map. GPS is great but you can’t always rely on signals being available. A paper map is always reliable.

Paper towels. Always good to have handy if you spill coffee, the kids drip all over themselves, etc. Also good to clean off the windshield.

Leather work gloves. These will be invaluable when changing a tire or fiddling with things under the hood.

Blankets. In case you get stuck for awhile and have to keep warm.

Please, check out what you need to stock your car and be safe.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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