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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Simple Lampshade Makeover

I have a lamp that was bronze/gold with a dark beige lampshade.  It didn't fit in with the room I was going to move it to - so I painted it.  I spray painted the lamp silver and then I went to work on the shade.  I am not a glitz person so this makeover is very simple.

At first I was going to cover the shade with fabric but changed my mind because I didn't have any fabric on hand that would work.  I made the decision from the get-go that I was only going to use things I already had.  Simple and cheap, that's me.  Take a look.

This is the shade before I started painting.  Please note - my house is dark because I live surrounded by enormous oak trees.  Even with the lights on and the flash - this is as bright as I can get it.

This is the shade with three coats of "warm white" paint.

Here it is with tape applied.  Keeping that line straight is a real pain.  I had to measure about every two inches to be sure. 
Here it is with two coats of turquoise paint.  I used regular old acrylic craft paint.  Now it must dry really well before I remove the tape.

And - the finished makeover.  Simple but nice.  I am actually thinking of adding some silver dots but I want to look at it for awhile before I decide. 

Now that this is completed and worked out pretty well, I am going to do two more.   Have I inspired or discouraged you?
Have a great day!
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  1. you are brave in doing the lines...I don't have the patience and I would get frustrated.

    1. Certainly not brave. I left out how many times I had to do it to get it straight. And, I sprayed the tape with a bit of Craft Shield to really keep it from bleeding.