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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Do You Think of Your Body?

Simple question, right?  Maybe not. 

My body is a package the contains all the mechanics for me to be alive, think and feel.  My body is my physical identifier.  No one else looks like me.  I am recognized by my body - mostly my face.  Just looking at my feet would not necessarily identify me.

Looking at myself naked is not the most wonderful thing in the world.  I am, to put it nicely, Rubinesque.  My body is now a comical caricature.  I actually laugh when I see it. 

My body is what it is.  I don't hide it under a muu muu.  
It gets me where I want to go.  It has arms and hand for touching and hugging.  It has lips for kissing.   It has eyes for seeing all beautiful things and a brain for thinking.

I like it. It is my friend. I should treat it better.  It is me to the world.

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  1. My body is exactly what I want it to be. It is my responsibility to look after it, and I do to the best of my ability. There are bits on the outside that are not particularly attractive, but most of it I love. Especially the inside.