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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keeping It Simple

Here it is again.  The time that magazines, t.v. shows, blogs and any other social media promote the New Year tradition of organizing the heck out of everything in our world.  

This topic was covered here last year.  I posted a lot of organizing tips that I thought worthwhile.  This year, I have only one word to post on the subject - PURGE.

Get rid of everything that you have not seen, used or thought of since last year.  Sell it; donate it; throw it away.

One of the best results of purging is that you know where everything is because there is not as much stuff as before.  Purging creates a mental inventory of what you own.  I'll bet you will be able to find anything you need in minutes.

Try it!!  You'll like it ......



  1. It's making the first step that is the hardest.
    Love from Mum

    1. The first trash bag is the worst but it gets sooo much easier as you go along.
      Nice hearing from you.

  2. 7 bags to CS last week and another 5 today-I am on a purging roll! All Christmas decorations packed away in labelled boxes so that they can be found next year. Have cut bunting for kitchen blind, a quilt top from stash for daughter's MIL and a baby blanket cast on and pattern set. Nit a penny spent but I feel better already. Kitchen cupboards are next for purging and then the dreaded loft space. Catriona

    1. You are my hero! You will inspire many others.