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Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's Start Talking

O.K.?   Let's get a dialogue moving. Let's share our ideas, thoughts, problems, fixes, strengths, weaknesses, praises and complaints.

Give me a topic and I will fly with it.  Read my topics and give feedback.  Let's share!!

I recently read an article about "Five Guys", the hamburger/hot dog chain.  They sell really tasty, though pricey, food.  They have free peanuts to shell and eat  and the most delicious french fries.  The article was not about the cost or taste of the food, however.  It was about the perception that they were giving away "something for nothing" and what that perception has gained for them.

When a customer orders fries the server fills a cardboard container with the fries, puts the container into a bag and then throws in another scoop of fries.  The customer perceives that he is getting more for his money and walks away feeling good.  The customer spreads the good news and generates more customers.

Of course, nothing in the fast food industry is free.  The cost of the free peanuts and the extra fries is figured into the price of the all the other items offered.  "Five Guys" is not losing any money and, more importantly, is making more money because of the increase in customers and sales.

So - is this smart marketing?  Those of you who sell your own products - could you incorporate this type of idea into your marketing strategy?  Should consumers be made aware of this strategy to make more informed choices?  Can this idea end up being detrimental?

Tell us what you think, please.  Let's see how far we can take this.

As always, keep it simple and make it real.


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