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Monday, September 16, 2013

Some More Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Again, tips come and tips go.   Some are good and some are not so good.  You can see for yourself.  Take a look.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Tile
Rub ordinary car wax into your ceramic bathroom tiling to clean and refinish. Let it stand 10 minutes and buff or polish.

Tile Tip
Use a typewriter eraser to clean spaces between bathroom tiles. (I do not know if typewriter erasers still exist.

Metal Shower Head
To clean mineral deposits from a clogged shower head, boil it with half a cup of white vinegar and one quart of vinegar for a while

Plastic Shower Head
Soak a plastic shower head in a hot vinegar and water mixture to unclog it.

Preventing Mildew
Soak a plastic shower head in a hot vinegar and water mixture to unclog it.

Removing Mildew
Wash mildewed shower curtains in hot soapy water, rub with lemon juice, and let them dry in the sun.

Cleaning Fixtures
Dip a cloth in kerosene or rubbing alcohol to remove scum and spots from your bathroom fixtures.

Removing Film and Scum
Use a piece of very fine plain steel wool to remove film from the shower stall.

Porcelain Cleaners
Lighter fluid will remove most dark, stubborn stains from sink and bathtub

Yellowed Bathtub
Restore whiteness to a yellowed bathtub by rubbing with a salt and turpentine solution

Shower Mat Tip
Dip a stiff brush in a kerosene and warm water solution to clean the bath mat.

Rust Stains
Spread a paste of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar over the rusted area, and add a few drops of ammonia. Let it stand or 2 or 3 hours.

Rusty Tile
Rust stains on tile can be removed with kerosene.

Rings in Toilet Bowl
Try using one of the rust removers (found on this site) to remove toilet bowl rings.

Cleaning Shower Doors
Rub glass shower doors with a white vinegar dampened sponge to remove soap residue.

Bathtub Cleaner
Insert a sponge into the leg of an old nylon stocking and knot the end. Use it to scrub sinks, bathtub, tile, etc.

Steam-Free Mirror
If your medicine cabinet has two sliding mirrors, slide one side open before taking a hot bath or shower. After the bath, you'll have one clean mirror instead of two that are steamed and foggy

Save an Aching Back
If you suffer from back problems, use a child's toy mop to clean your bathtub--you won't have to stoop over to clean.

Rubber Bath Mat
Stand a rubber bath on end to let it drain--prevents mildew and mold.

Preventing Steamy Bathrooms
If you run about an inch of cold water before adding hot water in the bath, there will be absolutely no steam in your bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet
It's a good idea to go through your medicine several times a year and throw away medicines that are old or outdated. They could be dangerous

Easy Bathroom Cleaning
Clean your bathroom after a steamy bath or shower. The walls, fixtures, etc., will be much easier to clean, because the steam will have loosened the dirt.

Lighter fluid and kerosene are not two of my first choices as cleaning products.  I am not recommending these tips - just reporting them.

Otherwise, go forth and clean.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



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