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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life Does Not Need To Be Complicated

I am trying to live simply and easily.  Because of some long-standing glitches in my brain, it does not always happen.  Why?  Because I allow life to be complicated.  The complications bother me more than the glitches in my brain.

For instance, if I miss someone, why don't I just call?  If I want to see someone, why don't I just invite them out?  If I want to be understood, why don't I just explain?  If I have questions, why don't I simply ask?  If I don't like something I should just say it.  If I do like something I should say that, too.

These things do not always happen but when they do I should be giving myself a dope slap.  Duh!  Where is this so-called wisdom that old people are supposed to have? 

I am resolving to be better at keeping complications out of my life.  Watch out world!!

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



  1. Go with the flow and if you can't tomorrow is always a fresh new day. Breathe deeply.
    Love from Mum