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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday, While Having Coffee

A few months ago I posted about "Supermarket Seduction" - the temptations and allure while traveling the aisles in a grocery store.    Today I read this:

"Do the check stands at your supermarket seem to always have lines no matter when you go? Grocery stores don't want you zooming through the checkout stands, because this is where overpriced, impulse items like candy, soda, magazines and DVDs are located. While you're waiting you may get hungry, thirsty or bored -- all of which work in favor of grabbing a stimulating magazine or candy bar. Be aware that you are being stalled for a reason, and resolve not to add to your cart in the checkout line."
                                      Huntington Post - Food Section

If the reason that checkout lines are long is to force customers to look at high-priced, impulse-buy items -- then the supermarkets are really low-down in their marketing practices and consumers are not too "with-it" if they are not demanding more checkout lines open up.   When I was raising kids and working fulltime it would drive me crazy if the lines were long and no other line was opening.  I have actually shoved my cart aside and walked out.  Maybe that was cutting off my nose to spite my face but I didn't have the luxury of spending wasted time due to, what I thought, was lack of staff.

This may not be a big deal to some people but the idea consumers are being manipulated burns me up.  I know that supermarkets are there to make money but there must be more sensitive ways than holding customers hostage.

Okay, I am getting down off my soapbox now.  You are free to leave the page.

Have a great day! 

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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