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Monday, April 1, 2013

Repurpose Tee Shirts

So, it is April Fool's Day!  Have you been fooled?  Have you fooled anyone?

Once again I am going to throw myself into repurposing.  This time it is repurposing tee shirts.  I think that a lot of people have a drawer filled with tee shirts that are no longer worn for whatever reason. I have one of those drawers that should be emptied and the contents put to another use.

The most obvious use is to tear up the shirt and use for cleaning cloths.  Torn shirts can also be used for certain painting techniques (rag rolling, for one) and staining furniture. 

Another repurpose is to make a market tote. 


If you click here you will find a great tutorial by Delia Creates.
Pack Boxes With Old T-Shirts

Old T-shirts make excellent padding for breakable items. Place old T-shirts between plates when packing up the kitchen to move. In the same vein, use them as packing material when shipping something fragile.

Cold Beanbag Face Mask

It's always handy to have a cold pack or two in the freezer  All it takes is an old T-shirt, some beans, and a sewing machine.  Cut out a circle from the tee shirt.  Do a gathering stitch around the circle - leaving a space open so you can put the beans in.  Gather the circle into a pouch, put the beans in and sew up the opening.  Voila!

It's time to hack your Swiffer-style mop. Cut up T-shirts make perfect cleaning pads that are gentle on wood floors.

Make a Tee Shirt Knotted Rug

I have started one of these rugs.  I use a piece of the no-slip grid backing for a rug and cut the tee shirts into strips and poke the strips through the holes and tie a knot.  Easy but it takes a long time.  You may also click here to be directed to a tutorial by Xoelle.
Hope I gave you some inspiration.
Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



  1. Love the tote bag. Great idea. I can't seem to get your link to work though.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks. I can't believe I didn't test the link. Sorry!! It is fixed now.