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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toilet Brushes - Other Uses

Did you know that there are debates on the use of toilet brushes?  Should a brush be used at all; clean or discard the brush after use; which is better - cheap or expensive; all are subjects whirling around the web.  I do not intend to deal with any of them.  I am here to enlighten you on the "other uses" of toilet brushes.  Aren't you glad you stopped by today?

Here is a list of alternative uses compiled by Forward  

"Walk-in Shower scrubber; rather than but several different sponges and scrubbers for the shower get a toilet wand with a curved neck. Spray with your normal cleaner,and scrub away! Saves you time and your back.

•Base boards;a softer toilet brush with no opening in it,since they’re made to scrub porcelains, they don’t scratch, and get in all the nooks and crannies.Use a diluted multi-purpose spray. Wipe with a paper towel or dry after you’re finished. I vacuum my baseboards to minimize how often I have to scrub.

•Door frames, molding; same idea as above.
*note,this won’t work on any unsealed surface,or chipping paint,  use a dry brush to loosen the dust, and then vacuum.

•Air vents; spray with a diluted multi purpose cleaner,then scrub! Dry and then follow with a vacuum cleaner hose with brush.

•Tile floor grout; Any grout cleaner works,this just gives you a little more “elbow” to your elbow grease!

•Patio furniture


AND a recommended use from my sister -  use to clean the garbage disposal.  She swears by it.

Really,  anywhere you need a good scrubbing,a toilet wand/brush can be used,since they have a longer handle than most hand scrubbers,they are cheaper than most scrubbers sold,it saves your fingers and nails, and you get to stand a little taller."

I have lifted the lowly toilet brush from its usual crappy jobs to those that have a nicer ring to them. 

Meanwhile ... keep it simple and make it real.




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