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Monday, December 10, 2012

Sensible Kitchen Storage

Good morning! 

Before I speak of kitchen organization I want to give a quick update on the banana issue discussed in yesterday's post.

I wrapped the top of each banana individually.  It took only a couple of minutes.  I really hope this works.  I will keep you posted.


Now, kitchen organization.  What I am about to show you is my idea of the perfect kitchen storage in the perfect kitchen.  My kitchen will never see these things in my lifetime.  However, I do believe that the ideas can be scaled to fit anyone's needs and budgets.  Take a look:

these are soda can racks

Aren't these great ideas?  Because I am short (and getting shorter) I love the idea of having things under the counter.  Drawers also can be outfitted for plates and glasses.  This would be ideal for me when I shrink down to 4 ft. tall.

Let's get on with our day.  Today .... keep it real and make it simple.

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