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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This and That Stuff

Good Morning!!  How is it going for you today?

Time for the banana update.  This pic is day two of the banana freshness test.  So far, so good.


This post is a bit of a mish-mash of things.  A few of the items are up for discussion.  I have opinions on them and I would like to hear yours.

First - The Tottoos

This is a temporary tattoo to be put on a child in circumstances where the child could easily be lost in a crowd, i.e amusement parks, beaches, playgrounds.

I love this idea.  It is not going to prevent the child from wandering away but it will save a lot or worry and time when he/she shows it to someone or someone notices it.  I understand the site also does medical emergency tattoos.
Just click here to get further information at


Next is the rainshield.

 The rainshield comes in this package and opens up to...

This is a pretty good idea, too.  I wish I had one of these when I was running in the rain from the train station to my office in Boston.  The stupid drivers would just speed on by not caring that they were splashing everyone in sight.
Click here to get to Yanko Design and more info.

Moving on to the Hanger Hamper

I know that hangers seem to multiply all by themselves like bunnies but I do not think that a special hamper is necessary to house them.  Putting hangers in a shopping bag or hanging them on the rod is good enough for me. 

One suggestion that the site had was to keep a hanger hamper on or near your ironing board for quick retrieval.  In my case that would mean never seeing the hangers because I rarely iron.  I don't know how much these cost but I wouldn't spend any amount on this.  What do you think?
Click here for more info at Solutions.


So, I have given you some food for thought.  Leave a Comment or send me an email at with your thoughts.

Today....keep it real and make it simple.


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  1. surprise, surprise- I agree with you in all the above