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Friday, December 21, 2012

Branch Christmas Trees

I do love Christmas trees but I do not like the work and mess that accompany having one.  At this point in life I feel that any representation of the age old tree puts a bit of Christmas bling in one's life.  This is the second year I have chosen to have a branch tree and we love it.  CH calls it my Charlie Brown Christmas tree but I think ours is a bit more decorative.

So, in running around the internet I found an article that contained several different branch Christmas trees.  I found these in Apaartment Therapy .  As mentioned in their article, the branch can be left natural or painted white or any color for that matter.  I have a small house and these are geared to smaller spaces.  I will admit that the Apartment Therapy selection is a way bit more decorated with style than mine, but mine is pretty, too.

The first three photos are not of mine.  The last one is.  As usual, their pictures are much better than mine.  I couldn't get the lighting quite right.  No one is judging, right?

Take a look!

1. This branch tree is left all natural with black accents. Nice and sturdy for hanging ornaments thanks to the oversized zinc bucket. From Hege in France.

2. All that's gold glitters by Atlanta Holiday House via Becky Harris of Houzz

3. White and simple with lights, The White Company via 79 Ideas

Natural branch with the tops of some acorns still attached.  Gold bead garland, silver and gold ornaments and snowflakes.

I think they are all beautiful.  Right?  Come on, give me a break!

Today .... keep it simple and make it real.

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