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Monday, November 5, 2012

Unique Products

I am thankful for my sister with whom I have shared so much but still not enough.

This post is my 100th.  Without you, the readers, this would never have been accomplished.  Knowing that there are people who continue to read this blog is inspiration enough for me to continue. 

I do hope that those people who casually stop by to take a look, will feel that there is a good reason to come back.  Nothing fancy here - just simple ways to keep life simple.

If you like what you see or don't like what you see, please leave a comment.  I love the feedback.   Also, take a minute
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Unique Products
Out there on  the web there are some really sharp items that deserve a second look because of both their uniqueness and usefullness.  I don't know the cost of these products but, even if they are not cheap, some super smart person may be able to come up with a less costly version.

Here goes ---

This is from LTD Commodities
A one-handed strainer - couldn't everyone use this?
 This is from Yanko Design
This door handle goes into several different positions. Each position
can shut off electricity, heat, etc.   I have no idea how this works but
I think it is a great energy saver, money saver and peace-of-mind saver.
This is from Piotr Kozlowski Designs.
It is called a finger helmut and can save a lot
of injures.
This is from Node.
It is an electric outlet.  There is no need for a power
strip because you can plug in anywhere on the 2 lines. 

Thank you all for the encouragement that brought me to my 100th post.  I hope you stick with me for years to come.

We will, as always, be keeping it simple.

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