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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trash Pickup

There once was a lady, KathyJo
Whose heart was as good as gold
She walked everywhere
Without any fear
Picking trash from roads so old


There are people whom I have met that I have forgotten almost as soon as I met them. There are people whom I have met that are so worth remembering. There are people whom I have met that have stayed in my life and others have passed through. All these people have made some impact on my life but there are few (you know who you are) whose impact continues and without them I would not be happy.

One person is Kathy. I am choosing to write about her because she so epitomizes the simple, easy life. She has a good job, husband, daughter and two grandchildren. She definitely takes time to smell the roses and reaches out to those around her to do the same.

Kathy is a one-woman force to save the environment, educate every child, cut costs but not quality and make life breathtaking.

She and her husband moved from a four bedroom southern Victorian house to a two bedroom Florida home on a canal. She got rid of so much stuff. Though the move was trying, she is very happy with her new home and is doing just fine without all the “stuff”. It also helps, of course, that utilities, etc. have been greatly reduced.

One thing (and there are many) I admire and respect is what Kathy does on her walks. She takes a walk every day after work and mornings on weekends. Her enjoyment of being outside and seeing what nature brings around the next corner are benefits for her. The benefit for the rest of us is that she picks up trash while she is walking. She has a pick-up stick and a trash bag and remedies the junk that others have callously left behind. I love it!

It is a simple thing yet really packs a wallop! Think how easy it would be for all of us to do such a thing with a result that would be enormous.

Kathy is my good pal. I recommend her friendship to anyone who can meet her. She makes my “livin’ easy”.


  1. Oh, my! You'll make me cry, my friend! Love you.