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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Thought I Would Ask

Ever since I was a teenager I intentionally have had some type of background noise in my life. I could not study without the radio on much to the chagrin of my parents. After I finished my education and went to work I found it difficult to concentrate without background noise. Fortunately, most jobs allowed quiet “background”. I read with the TVs. on. Even now, writing this post, I feel distracted because I have chosen not to have anything going on in the background.

This “life requirement” of “white noise” (loosely defined as “noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities” “such noise used to mask other noises”) came very much to the forefront this past weekend. We were hit, though not directly, by lightning which caused us to lose phone, cable, internet and a t.v.. Our cable company informed us they would be at our house the next morning. THE NEXT MORNING! Not 18-20 hours without noise or links to the outside world. CH and I were dumbstruck. We managed.

CH was ready to hop in the truck and purchase a new t.v. No, no, no! This is where our simple, easy living lifestyle steps up to the plate. I am ashamed to admit this but we had five t.v. Now we are down to four. We don’t need another one. We live in a small house and do not have to walk very far to see any of them. We have been over indulgent in this TV. business. We will not replace them as they break.

Now here is the difficult part. The TV. from the guest/computer room has been moved to the living room as a replacement. That t.v. served as my “white noise” when working on this blog or anything else, for that matter. I am alone with the sound of my thoughts. Scary!! I never knew thoughts could be so loud. I should be typing in caps to match the sound of the words coming from my head.

You are probably saying to yourselves, “This woman is nuts! How can anyone ramble on for six or so paragraphs about the lack of noise?!” Trust me, it has been easy.

So, my question for today is: does anyone else have this noise obsession or is it just me? Please comment even if it is about my weirdness.

ta la iontach


  1. I'm right there with you, pal!

    1. Thanks! I don't feel as weird now. I hope you are enjoying the blog.