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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello!!        


No matter how long I live I will always be tickled when I discover more than the intended use of something either practical or not practical. One of the happiest discoveries has been uses for binder clips. These clips come in different sizes and colors (if you are in to color coordinating everything in your life).

The intended use was clipping papers together. Good use because they are strong and keep things in order. I use a binder clip to close my bath towel around me. Sorry, there will be no pic! The clip keeps the towel closed through the process of teeth cleaning, make up, hair drying, etc. No more trusting that towel twist/tuck we are so familiar with.

The next use for the binder clip is a recipe card holder. Put the arms in the up position and place the card between them. I suppose one could also use these as place card holders. Not me - my entertaining never has required place cards since my first wedding back in 19*^#!

The binder clip is also useful as a bookmark (that will stay in place), a chip bag clip and a clip on frozen vegetable bags!! I use a binder clip on my monthly calendar on the fridge - it holds the pen. I also have one nailed by the back door for any messages that neighbors may leave when we are not home or for notices from the post office or UPS, Fedex, etc.

I am sure there are many more uses for these clips.  If you know of any, drop me a note and I will include them in my list of things that everyone should know.    Thanks for stopping by!!

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