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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wax Paper - not just for wrapping sandwiches

                             “Five cents off wax paper!”
                                  Patty, “The Simpsons”


Just about everyone has wax paper in their kitchen. The roll I have has been a drawer for at least two years. I don’t remember the last time I used it. Now, however, since I came across more uses for wax paper I have never thought of, the roll has come out more often and become more useful.

Pay attention now, these are good!
  •        Put a piece of wax paper, folded 3 times, between the gears of your can opener and run it through as you would a can. It helps to release the “gunk” and sort of “oils” the gears for better use.

  • This one I would never have believed if I hadn’t tried it. After cleaning bathroom fixtures wipe them with wax paper. The wax that transfers deflects water until the next cleaning. No water spots! Who would have thought?!

  • In order to keep cheese fresher longer remove the plastic wrapper then wrap in wax paper and aluminum foil. Then keep in the refrigerator. Amazing!

  • When you need a funnel for dry items wax paper can be used. Just roll a piece into a funnel shape and pour away without spilling. This works well if you transfer spices to decorative jars.

  • Use wax paper for cake decorating. Write the words or make flowers, etc. on the wax paper and then freeze the sheet. When frozen carefully peel off the decorations and place on cake. This is great for me because I tend to make sloppy mistakes when writing directly on the cake. Using the wax paper lets me “erase” my mistakes with the flip of a knife and start over. Easy!
I do not intend to slight anyone by not giving credit for tips when they are surely deserved.  In the case of the wax paper tips, I could not tell you where I found them, if my life depended on it.  Please let me know if they are from you out there somewhere and I will give you full credit.  Who know, they may all be mine!!

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