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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not as simple as I thought.

OK, OK, OK.   I will just jump in with the result of kitchen testing of a tip strongly presented by a very popular magazine centered on simple living.  This magazine and newsletter suggested that one should use an empty (and clean) ketchup bottle, salad dressing bottle, etc. for the easy and simple pouring of pancake batter onto the griddle or fry pan.  As you will see, I beg to differ.

That is my chubby hand pouring the batter into the salad dressing bottle.  I used the funnel AFTER I realized that without it I was pouring more on the counter than in the bottle.

Messy, messy, messy.       

More messy, more messy, more messy.  All of this is not my idea of really simple.

 Now it is time to pour into the fry pan.  There are two schools of thought about the pouring operation - my husband’s and mine.   Let me show his version - pouring without the cap on the bottle. 

Now, with the cap on with a small opening.

  This way was too slow.

After all of this intensive research my findings are conclusive: the method is a waste of time.  I will continue to use a measuring cup and thus not have to hose down the counters and the floor.  
What do you think?    Any and all comments welcome!!

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  1. Appreciate you saving us from experiencing all that pain! I'll be using the measuring cup thank you!