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Thursday, August 2, 2012

supermarket seduction

I am tired of being seduced once or twice a week. No, not by CH (current husband), by food stores - grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations!!!!

The seduction begins in the parking lot where the larger than life pictures of food can be seen while walking from my car (pronounced “cah” because I am from Boston). About twenty feet from the grocery store entrance the aroma of fresh baked bread, apple pie and chocolate cake wafts lightly through the air directly to my nose. There is no turning back now - I am hooked!

Now that my olfactory sense has been assaulted the store moves on to conquer my sight perception. In the food industry it is all “presentation, presentation, presentation”. The produce department is melody of delicious colors, textures and shapes. It could be an art museum with only the most vibrant pieces displayed.

Walking to the meat department is a journey of anticipation. There is a long aisle of beautiful glass cases that shine like diamonds. Inside the cases are rows and rows of meat, chicken, pork and fish all screaming, “Take me! Take me! How could I not succumb? My ears were ringing and my taste buds we pleading to be fed.


The true test of supermarket seduction is when I run in to get a loaf of bread and leave 45 minutes later having spent $100!! What is your test?

P.S. I did not write of my time spent in the ice cream, bakery and snack aisles because this blog is family oriented and I would not want to compromise that distinction….

Ta la iontach!!

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