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Friday, August 30, 2013

Table: rethought, redesigned, refurbished

When I saw a small, knocked about, two drawer piece of furniture at Habitat for  Humanity for the price of $2, I automatically grabbed it.  It was painted brown over pink and had about 30 kids' stickers pasted over it.  I thought I would clean it up and use it in the laundry room as a serviceable piece.

 I kept passing it by without thinking until I had an inspiration to rework it and make something really nice out of it.  We removed the excess paint and stickers and sanded the bejesus out of it.  The piece itself was too short to be useful so CH and I went through our pile of "spare legs" and cut some to make it the right height.  Even the choice of the blue and black did not seem enough to give it some style so I asked CH to cut strips to frame the drawers.  It is just enough detail to bring some style to the otherwise plain presentation.

CH and I were in Hobby Lobby on the day all the knobs were 50% off!  We found these black lacquer tear drop knobs and knew they were perfect.  The knob is outlined in silver and gives just a little bling

I am really happy with the end result of a little cost and a little work.  It still amazes me what can be accomplished if the timing is right and the inspiration hits.

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