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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Easy and Free Pajama Bottom Patterns

Pajama bottoms are one of my favorite things to wear - anytime.  They are just so comfortable to hang around in.  I like them either long or short - depending on the season. 

Today I am posting two methods of making your own pajama bottoms.  The first is made from a vintage bed sheet so that there is a border.  I believe you can use any sheet and that way there is a ready-made hem.  There is a full pdf  tutorial that makes everything so clear.  Click on the small picture in the left column to get to the tutorial.  This is from ducky house.typepad and if you click here you will get all the particulars.

The next tutorial is from  These directions are a little bit more involved yet still easy.  The post features his-and-her bottoms but is certainly not restricted to that.  Please click here for everything you will need to know.

So, go forth and bottom out!!
Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


  1. Jeanne, cannot find the 'little picture'??

    1. Sorry I didn't make it more clear. It is in the left hand column titled "free tutorials and other coolness", third picture down entitled "don't get out of bed pants". Take care.