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Friday, August 23, 2013

Other Uses for Kitchen Towels and Tea Towels

Aside from using kitchen towels to wipe up spills and dry dishes, there are a few other uses that can make them even more valuable.

Take a look.
Here is a sampling of some ideas from Apartment Therapy:

Line shelves inside cabinets. Tea towels on kitchen cabinet shelves can absorb excess water from freshly dried glasses. Just remember to take the towels out and wash them every once in a while.

Sew throw pillows. See Martha Stewart for the how-to.

Use them to keep rolls hot. To serve warm bread, my mom lines a basket with a tea towel and covers the bread to keep it from cooling.

Click here for more suggestions.  Continue reading the comments because there are a couple of good ideas there.

And here is a sampling from Inspiration for Moms.

Stop a sliding cutting board. Prevent your cutting board from sliding on the counter top by wetting and wringing out a dish towel. Then lay it down for a non-skid work surface.

Make your own rice steamer. Once your rice is tender, remove your pan from the heat. Then place a folded dish towel over the lid, replace the lid, and set aside for 5 to 10 minutes. The towel will absorb the extra moisture, leaving you with perfect rice and no mush.  
Please click here for more of their ideas.


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