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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Removing Old Grease Stains

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today’s post is all about getting out grease stains on clothes that have already been washed and dried.  In the past, these clothes would have been declared ruined and banished to the rag pile - but not now. I have done a lot of reading to come up with these solutions. I hope you think they are useful. Take a look.

One very important fact I found was from the dry cleaning industry. It is not good to brush anything into the fabric because the brushing may cause “pilling”. The best way is to gently pound straight up and down with a brush to have the cleaner penetrate the fibers.

Cornstarch and baby powder are two effective products to use on the stain. Pour either on the stain, pound gently and let sit overnight. Gently wipe off the powder and rewash.

Baking soda falls into the same category as the above. I mean, really, is there anything that baking soda can’t do? Put the baking soda on the stain and let sit for awhile. While it absorbs the grease the baking soda will start to “ball” up. Wipe that away and reapply the baking soda. Repeat this until it no longer “balls” up. The grease will have been absorbed and the stain can no be treated with a stain remover and rewashed.

Using clarifying shampoo also seems to do the trick. Dab some on the stain with a little bit of water, rub it in to create a bit of lather and toss it in the wash. Less mess than the baking soda method.

Use WD40 to reconstitute the grease for about 15 minutes. Then dab on some dishwashing liquid and rewash. Simple and easy.

Dawn dishwashing liquid seems to be the winner for old grease stains and any other stain for that matter. Pour some on the stain and then just wash. That is easy. I think I will get myself a small bottle to keep in the laundry room. I guess if it can clean up all those birds and animals that get caught in oil spills, it can get rid of my stains.

And last but not least, using Goop or Goo Be Gone seems to be very effective. I have used these on old stains and it seemed like a miracle when the stains disappeared. CH uses these to clean his hands after working on his truck and they do wonders.


If you have more solutions, please let me know. I will add to the list and let everyone know about them.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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