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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kitchen Organizing tips has compiled a list of tips for kitchen organizing.  Take a look.

"If you choose to put spices near the stove, make sure they will stay cool and dry. Heat and moisture will spoil the flavor, and you will have to replace them much more often.

Do you have a "junk drawer" or other catch-all area in your kitchen? If so, why? Take a good, critical look at its contents. Consider giving it a specific purpose and definitely throw out any junk that's not needed!

Entire stores exist that specialize in junk storage devices. Do not start organizing your kitchen by heading to such a store with wallet in hand. If you have thoroughly decluttered an area and established an organization system, and still think that a shelf, rack, tray, or bin will help you make better use of space, then go and get just the item you need. Otherwise those "handy" items are just more clutter.

No organizational system is set in stone. Experiment with different arrangements. Notice what works and what doesn't. If you use something differently than you anticipated, or if your habits change, move it.

Find drawer trays that fit your drawers to keep things tidy and in order within drawers.

Liquid hand soap is a must in any kitchen. It's more hygienic than bar soap and there's no slimy soap dish.
Try sorting small hand utensils according to size/length. Keeping the small and the large separated will speed your search for the correct utensil.
Knives need a special place all their own. Typically knives don't get dull from being used. Instead they get dull from being banged around in a drawer with other knives, utensils or dishes.

Organize according to how traffic and activities do flow, not necessarily according to how they should flow.

Keep ingredients of recipes together like Chinese ingredients, or baking ingredients. It saves time plan things ahead, make food beforehand and start organizing."

You can also click here to get even more valuable information.  Go forth and organize!

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.


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  1. great tips as usual! I'll be back to regular reading once I get back to US soil