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Friday, May 31, 2013

Did You Know That You Can ...

.... easily find your misplaced cell phone by going to and entering your cell phone number.  It is a free service that makes your cell phone ring to immediately find it.  Amazing!

.... make your own grippers using a roll of non-slip shelf liner. While it's designed to keep things in place on a shelf, it does a good job to help you grip small items like mascara or other containers with twist-off tops. Cut several pieces of grippers to a convenient size and keep them on hand wherever they're needed.

.... remove permanent ink by using one or both of these solutions.

 Solution 1 - hairspray   Spray the hairspray directly onto the ink, and don’t be afraid to be very generous.

Solution 2- Hand sanitizer  Spread the hand sanitizer on the ink stain and again, don't be afraid to be very generous.

For both cases make sure to rub in either the hairspray and hand sanitizer as good as you can.

Let whichever product you used sit for about ten minutes. Then throw it into the washing machine, and make sure set the wash temperature to hot.

When you take your garment or towel out the ink will be completely gone. Just like that! No fuss whatsoever.

.... keep your lips as soft, moisturized and rejuvenated as possible so you don’t suffer painful chaps, cracks and burns.

Next time before you’re ready to take a nice, long, hot shower grab some Chap Stick or lip balm. Apply a generous amount before hopping in. Then proceed with your regular shower without wiping the balm off of your lips. The steam created from the heat will be conditioning and revitalizing your lips without your even realizing.

Once you get out, wipe your lips with a washcloth. All of the dead skin cells and loosened skin will be removed revealing extremely luscious smackers! Like I said, you can do this as often as you please. Whenever your lips look in the need for some serious attention this is the way to go!

These tips originated on a site that I cannot find.  It had something to do with "aggie".  I will give full credit when I find it.

I hope these prove to be helpful and make life a little simpler and easy.

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



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