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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Be Inspired By Bespoke

Taking nasty, old pieces of furniture and making them functional and beautiful while maintaining their original character (or giving them some character if none existed) is the passion of both CH and I.  We garner inspiration from catalogues, history books, furniture designers and, most definitely, from makeover artists whose talent is filled with vision, artistry, experience and craftsmanship.  (that is a very long sentence) 

I have just recently discovered "Trevi Vintage Design" whose furniture makeover magic is wonderful.  I am sharing a couple of befores and afters in order for you to also appreciate what we strive to accomplish.  The website is not a how-to but a showcase for their talent.  Please click here to see more of their work. 

Please note:  I do not know anyone at Trevi Vintage Design so this is in no way a plug for their business.  I just like what they do.




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