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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday This and That

Hello everyone!  Thank you for stopping by. Today I am going to throw out a few things that do not relate to each other at all but did catch my fancy.  Take a look.

source: style
This is very clever.  I don't know if it sticks on or is imbedded in the tile.  I couldn't find a resource.
This is a simple, diy solution to storing cutting boards.  I like that it clears up counter or drawer space.  All the particulars are here at
This is a diy garden stone.  There are stamps available to make the letter impressions but I believe that just using a sharp stick or skewer would do the trick.  These are made using bread pan forms.  One suggestion was to make several that form a sentence.  Cute idea.  Take a look here
That's it for today, folks.  Keep it simple and make it real.

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