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Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

(source: Wikihow)
While sitting in the doctor's waiting room, a woman sat down next to me and started to tell me that she had just come from a Dunkin' Donuts Shop where she collected old coffee grounds.  I didn't know what to say so I said, "Why?".  She went on to tell me the great benefits of reusing old coffee grounds.  Little did she know that I love to find out "reuses".  At home, I did some googling and came up with these reuses.  Take a look.
Closet deodorizer: Old pantyhose plus coffee grounds equals a sachet to keep your closet free of odors.

 Refrigerator and freezer deodorizer: Place ground in a small cup and in the fridge or freezer much as you would baking soda.

 Pin cushion filler: If you still use pin cushions (like I do), dried coffee grounds are a great filler for the cushions.

Abrasive cleaner: For stubborn grease and stains on pots and pans, coffee grounds really get in there and do the job.

Dust deflector: We’re talking about the fireplace here; sprinkle coffee grounds on ashes before you start collecting them to minimize the dust.

 Furniture scratch toucher upper: Use a Q-tip and coffee grounds to fill in scratches on wooden furniture–remember the coffee will stain the wood a bit, so don’t use it on something that won’t match.

 Drain cleaner: Be careful with this one as you don’t want to clog your drain with coffee grounds! *But* to counter odors coming from your drain, you can pour about a half a cup of coffee grains down the drain followed by boiling hot water to get the grounds through. No more smells!

 Meat tenderizer: This is one for leftover coffee as opposed to coffee grounds; soak steaks in coffee to tenderize and for an interesting added flavor.

 Chocolate cake flavorer: Used grounds and fresh grounds both give a little kick to chocolate baked goods, including brownies.

For more reuses take a look at "Bleeding Expresso" by clicking here.

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  1. another one that I do all the time, is putting the coffee grounds directly on the soil in your garden. Free fertilizer

  2. it also makes for great compost and if sprinkled neat apparently stops slugs and snails getting at your plants.

    Great tip on the furniture scratch repair

  3. More great tips from Daniela and Sol. I have a black thumb so nothing would grow no matter how much coffee grounds I used. Thanks