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Monday, March 4, 2013

cold .....

First, it is 32 degrees here in Central Florida.  That is too cold, even for me.  I do not like wearing winter jackets but this morning's temps will force me into it.  Brrrr!


To post or not to post(?), that is the question.  Most of the world has heard of Casey Anthony.  She was acquitted of killing her daughter over a year ago.  That case was with us for about two years.  She was in the news every day.  The acquittal shocked just about everyone.  The media frenzy finally quieted down and we didn't have to be reminded of the horrendous murder anymore.  Until now, again.  It is all over the news again because she is filing bankruptcy and must appear in court today.  She has been in hiding since the acquittal.  The judical system will be spending even more money today to keep her safe.  She gets more preferential treatment than a head of state.  Why can't she be treated like any other citizen?  Enough is enough!

I had to get that off my chest.  Thanks for listening.



  1. As your posts are read by people outside of the US, it might be an idea to put an F at the end of your 32 degrees. We measure our temperatures here in the UK in Centigrade now and when I read you were complaining about temperatures which we would think were high summer, it made me stop and think. It's been a difficult winter everywhere, no matter your continent or season. We all have to come to terms with temperatures we would rather not experience. Layers are good.

  2. You are right. I will be more mindful to include the "F". I am well aware of the winter conditions in the world and dealing with the temperatures is all relevant. We do not often (hardly ever) get to freezing temps in Florida and the reality is a shock to the senses. I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt a couple of days ago and now I am wearing long pants and socks. Mother Nature always can pull a fast one on us. Thanks for stopping by.