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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Throw Away the Fear of Trying New Things.

Basically, people are afraid to try new things because they fear the negative feelings if they fail.  Those "failure feelings" can hit hard and leave a big bruise but only if a persons allows that to happen.

I suffered for a long time with the anxiety feelings of "fright/flight".  The feelings of potential failure put my self esteem in the toilet.  My therapist (yes, I needed therapy) put the solution in one sentence for me.  "Argue against your irrational thoughts."

It took a little time but it worked.  If I was about to face something new or potentially uncomfortable, I talked to myself and presented all the arguments I could think of that would make me realize that failure was not going to be so bad.

When I realized that a setback was not going to cause me to be stoned in public, lose loved ones or friends or suffer financial ruin, I knew that anything I tried would be worth the try because nothing horrendous would be the result.

The author, Ray Bradbury, said, "Setbacks or failures don't have to make you more afraid. They can be the impetus that motivates you to change the way you think about failure, and that can turn your life in a positive new direction."

Toss this around in your brain for awhile and you will see that it makes sense.  Your self-confidence will grow every time you try something and learn something from the try.  Work on getting rid of the fear and embrace everything new!

Meanwhile .... keep it simple and make it real.



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