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Friday, December 7, 2012

Plastic Wrap - Other Uses


Again, I am so thankful for those people who come up with "other uses" for things. 
Today my thanks goes out to Emelie Battagila, a writer for, for putting together this list of  creative applications for plastic wrap.

CH and I have actually been doing no. 3 for a while now.  We wrap up not only paint rollers but also paint brushes.  Saves a lot of trouble.

If you are going to try no. 4 - frottage, you don't have to put a piece on the freshly glazed wall.  That is so difficult to do especially if you are like me who has trouble getting a piece to cover a bowl.  You can hold a scrunched up piece of plastic wrap in your hand and place it on the wall.  The effect that results will depend on how many times you move it, how thick the glaze is and how many times you use the ball (the buildup of glaze changes the pattern).  I have done a lot of faux painting and have a lot of experience with this.

  1. Paint preserver. Covering cans of paint, patching compound or putty with a layer of plastic wrap before replacing the container lid will keep it from drying out, similar to the way it preserves food in a cake pan. The plastic wrap needs to make contact with the entire surface area of the inside of the can, but still.
  2. Utensil organizer. When you're packing up to move or remodel, utensils can be a real pain to handle. Well, simply wind plastic wrap around trays of silverware and utensils. If they're flipped over in transit or storage, then you won't lose any pieces, because the plastic wrap is saving the day.
  3. Paint roll preserver. If you're in the middle of a painting project but need your shuteye, don't worry about the paint roller going dry. Simply wrap the wet roller several times in close-fitting plastic wrap and stash it in the fridge overnight. The paint will stay fresh for the following day's work.
  4. Package rope. Yep, you can actually make rope out of your plastic wrap. Just twist a long sheet of plastic wrap tightly into a rope shape. Wrap it around the package you need to carry, and knot the ends together. It's a slip-proof handle that will make heavy boxes seem less daunting.
  5. Wall decorator. "Frottage," or a faux painting technique that leaves a marble texture, is very popular in contemporary decorating. To get the look for less, simply press a wrinkled sheet of plastic wrap against a freshly glazed wall while it's still wet. Then remove it to create the textured look. Adjust to the texture you desire, and then repeat on the rest of the wall.
  6. Temporary booties. We've all been there, when we just want is to preserve our newly finished floors and carpet from dirt and scuffs for as long as possible. Well, leave a roll of plastic wrap by the front door, and secure several layers of the stuff over your shoes with rubber bands for some interim protection.
  7. Lumber security. If you're moving a pile of lumber, then keeping it stacked can be a real pain. For extra security, wind plastic wrap tightly around each end of the stack. It offers enough resistance to keep the boards from sliding off.
  8. Draft snake. Everyone has that window with too much space between the sash and the frame. Stuff plastic wrap in the gaps to keep the wind from whistling through during storms or just plain windy days. It will keep the window insulated long enough for you to purchase storm windows.
  9. Grips. If your gloves make your rake or shovel handle feel slippery, then simply wind plastic wrap tightly around the handle. It will provide a stickier grip and resistance, helping you to get going on your project.
  10. Greenhouse. If you don't have an actual greenhouse but want to plant those seedlings a little early anyway, then tightly cover your pot with plastic wrap. The seal will promote humidity, helping to keep soil moist while the seeds sprout. Be sure to change the wrap, regularly, though, or it could collect mold.

This greenhouse application is good.  I have tried it with success.  You know, I can get the seeds to sprout and grow to the point they can be put in the ground.  I cannot get them to stay alive in the ground.  I stopped trying.

So - give these things a try.They look easy to me.

Today ....keep it real and make it simple.


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