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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Furniture Completed and Off to Be Put On Sale

CH and his friend, Tom, loaded up the pickup with our completed pieces of furniture and off we went......not.

Can we talk?  I have suffered for YEARS with men and their anal forms of packing any type of vehicle.  I remember watching my dad meticulously put each piece of beach paraphernalia in the car trunk - leaving not an inch of unused space.  My FH (former husband) was the same.  He attacked each loading as if we were taking everything that would make the world turn on its axis and not an ounce more.  I would just stand there and hand him things like a surgical nurse does to the doctor in surgery.  "Scalpel!"  Scalpel.    "Inner Tube!"  Inner tube.   "Pillows!"  Pillows.  Both men were good at this packing phenomenon but it was not pleasant to be around them while it was happening.

Now on to CH (current husband) and his ways with loading and preserving the freshly completed pieces of furniture.   As a bit of background on CH I must tell you that he is a mechanical engineer by profession.  That says so much about his packing personality!!!  He is soooooo detailed and obsessive about this ritual that the last time we did this as a joint effort I swore to him that I would never do it with him again.  No one, and I mean no one, barks at me to hold down a dumb moving blanket and lives to speak of it.  And no one, and I mean no one, looks at me as if I had two heads when I make a suggestion that turns out to be correct.  Well, he did live, but just barely.  This is why he loaded the truck with Tom.

The truck was loaded with the perfectly wrapped furniture and looked so neat and nice.  I was not stressed and CH was happy.   Off we go!!  For a little bit.....  some stupid moving blanket had come untucked......we pulled over.  I stayed in the truck.  I was not stressed - at all.   We eventually got going again and proceeded to pull out onto the highway.  We were not on the highway for two minutes when CH started banging his hand on the steering wheel and yelling, "The tall piece is blowing over!"  We pulled over.  I stayed in the truck.  I was not stressed - at all.   CH actually asked for my help though it must have hurt down deep.  I helped until he started to bark at me and I walked away.  I was not stressed - at all. 

One important thing needs to be stated here - CH and I rarely bark or snip at each other.  There is no need for that in our lives and that is why I have such a problem with it when his stress turns into my having stress.  Uh uh!  Not happening.

As it turned out, we could not stay on the highway because the tall piece would continue to blow over.  We took the very long, slow but safe, way to the store.  Ed, the owner, was there to help unload.  I was not stressed - at all.

So these pieces

went to join these lovelies

at Better Than New Home and Garden Consignment in Longwood, FL.  You can find them on Facebook.

We got back in the pickup and went home.  I was not stressed - at all.  I will let you know when they sell.

Today ... keep it real and make it simple.




  1. You are too funny. And the furniture looks beautiful! The long dresser is golden!

    1. Thank you!! Are you the same "Anonymous" that has that not so real image of me in their mind? If yes, good to hear from you again. If no, welcome to my world.