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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ways to Stop Wasting Money

Today I am thankful for CH (current husband) because life would not be as good without him.
 There is an awful lot of info on the web about ways people waste money.  Just having us think a moment about our spending could put an extra few bucks in our pockets. 

The first question I ask myself when I am about to spend is "Do I want it or do I need it?"  Answering this question has put a halt to many unnecessary purchases.  It may work for you.

So here are some things to stop and think twice about before spending your hard earned dollars:

Bottled water  - why pay over a dollar for 12 oz. of water when you can fill a water bottle at home for pennies?

Prepackage food items  -  how much cheaper is it to buy an apple rather than a package of apple slices? 

Vehicle maintenance at a dealership  -  Do as much of a regular tune-up as you can and then go to a reputable auto service place for whatever you cannot do.  The prices that dealerships charge is outrageous.  Their parts markup is deplorable.  Save some bucks ...

Single cups of coffee  -  There are so many ways to have the same gourmet tasting coffees from shops made in your home that there is no reason not to brew up a pot at home and put it in your mobile coffee cup.  Why pay over $3 per cup when you can pay pennies? 

Magazine subscriptions or newsstand copies  -  Go to the library and checkout the magazines.  No cost.

Movie Concessions  -  There is no way in the world that I would pay $3 for a small bag of M&M's.  I bring them with me. 

Film and Film Developing  -  Digital cameras can be found in all price ranges.  Digital cameras eliminate the need of film and film developing.  Also - when was the last time you dropped of film at a "One Hour Film Developing" place and came back in one hour and they were ready?  Ha!  Get a cheap digital camera and put some bucks back in your pocket.

Lottery  -  Let's face it, the odds of winning $2 are so stacked against us that it is a waste of time and money to buy a ticket.  Put your money back in your pocket and save it for a sure thing.

High Priced Cosmetics and Beauty Products  -  If one reads the labels on both drugstore and high end products one will see that they both have the same ingredients.  Packaging and advertising costs raise the prices on the high end things but, I think (and many others) that they are all the same.  Don't go with the "label" go with dollar sense.

So, has any of this made you think differently?  Give the ideas a chance and see what happens.  You may have a few extra bucks at the end of the month that you can put away for a rainy day.

Whatever you do, keep it simple, folks.


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