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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

Today's post contains just a few things that are useful, inexpensive and easy to accomplish.  Just how I like it.

Hidden Key Holder 

This idea is so simple that we all should have thought of this sooner.  Thank goodness there are people out there who actually think of things like this.

source: Savvy Housekeeping

This is a rock glued to a pill bottle.  The house key goes inside the bottle and the whole thing is buried in the ground - leaving only the rock showing.  Ingenious!  Click on Savvy Housekeeping for all the particulars.

Canning Jar with Spout

This idea for a jar can be used for so many things.  Check out The Craft Patch for more.

source:The Craft Patch
More Reusing Glass Jars
The examples given below for reusing glass jars are just a few from House of Humble.  Click on the name for the series on reclaiming.

source: House of Humble
Hope these prove to be useful.
Have a great day and keep it simple, folks.

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