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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slim Mint Cookies Part 2

I am not a very good "from scratch" baker. When I posted the recipe for Slim Mint Cookies I was really excited to try them but a bit apprehensive because my baking skills are not that "skilled".  But, I went for it.

Let me tell you that I had no idea what the recipe was talking about in the section about couverture.  Running around to find El Ray chocolate or peppermint oil was not on my agenda.  I used Publix brand chocolate and peppermint extract.  Thankfully, Hershey makes Dutch cocoa so I could be true to the recipe at least once.

Making the dough was not difficult at all.  I am good at pulsing the food processor.  Rolling the dough into logs was very icky.  I followed the tip in the recipe to use a paper towel tube to make the logs.  I had to unroll a half a roll to get to the tube.  It was much easier stuffing the dough into the tubes to make the logs.  It wasn't pretty but it did the trick.

After waiting the two hours of dough refrigeration and baking the cookies it was time to melt the chocolate.  This part was daunting because I have never worked with a candy thermometer before - in fact, I don't own one.  I used a meat thermometer.  It's all the same temperature, right?

There is a lot of stirring, taking the temp, putting on ice bath in the chocolate process.  The recipe puts the fear of the Baking Devil in one if the temp does not stay exactly where it is supposed to be. 

Dipping the cookies into the chocolate was not pretty.  What I was doing did not look like the pic with the recipe.  I ended up using the chocolate to frost the cookie on one side.  Less calories, right?

The recipe results in two logs of cookie dough.  I baked cookies using one log.  This recipe makes a lot of cookies and I was worn out after one log.  I froze the other log to use for Christmas.

The cookies are delicious and are just like the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies.  I am so happy they came out tasting so good.  

Take a look. 

I hope you try the recipe.

Have a great day and keep it simple, folks.

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