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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coffee Filter Multi Uses

Coffee filters, it seems, have many more uses than filtering coffee. They are handy, a useable size, inexpensive and very versatile. Having scoured the web to “filter” out the most doable uses, I offer the list below.

Use as bowl cover in the microwave.

Use to remove nail polish.

Use to filter seeds from lemons, limes, etc. when squeezing for juice.

Use to apply shoe polish.

Place baking soda in the middle of a coffee filter - twist the filter into a small pack - secure with rubber band and place in shoes to eliminate or prevent odor.

Place a filter inside cast-iron skillets to absorb excess moisture and prevent rust.

Use to separate china pieces when stored. Prevents chips and breakage.

If the cork breaks into the wine bottle, use a filter to remove the cork pieces.

Use as a substitute for dryer sheets. Put a few drops of fabric softener on the filter and use in the dryer.

If you have a wobbly table or chair, fold up a filter to place under the leg to even it out.

Use in place of paper towels to absorb grease from fried foods.

Poke a hole in the middle of the filter and put ice cream cone through hole and then wrap to keep the melting mess in check.

Use to clean windows, mirrors, glasses with rubbing alcohol. They leave no lint.

Use to line bamboo steamers.

Use to dry wine glasses and prevent water marks.

Soak filters in brewed tea and chill. Fold them and use as cold compress for puffy eyes.

Place a filter in the bottom of a metal fruit bowl to prevent brown spots on fruit.

Store garden seeds between seasons in filters to keep them moisture free.

I hope these have been helpful. Again, whatever we can do to make livin’ simple and easy!

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